4 cricket batting tips that every good batsman should know


During the discussion about the playing cricket, one common question that haunts all of us is what is the best way to learn the batting skill. An important thing that every batsman should carry out in regard to the cricket batting tips is to optimize their focus; watch ball early and play late should be your motto.  Continue seeing the ball till you initiate a hit. However,  skilled you may be in knowing various techniques, unless you execute them with the right attention, they are of no use.

Now the question is how can you be a good batsman.

  1. Focus and focus…nothing else, is the only way to success for the top batsman to go up. It is the key to success as long as the batsmen are in the crease. When a ball is finished or a run is finished, take a breath, look nearby, calm down your shoulder, tighten your gloves, talk to yourself and then again ready to focus for next 3-4 seconds. It is one of the Cricket batting tips that one should follow to get quick success.

Your focus begins soon after the bowler starts their approach, whether he is a fast or spin bowler, you need to keep your eyes on the goal, that is the ball in hand of the bowler.

  1. Decision – selection of a right shot helps to play better stroke

We heard many times that batsman gets out because of the pressure of runs. Did you ever think of batting under pressure of a bad shot.  If yes, then let me answer you.

Here are the secret of the worlds top finishers, how they hit the ball under the pressure of match victory.

  • Set the focus
  • Look the ball from the hand of the bowler
  • Hold the bat tight
  • Make a decision about the shot when it is in a middle of the way.
  • Hit the ball hard
  1.  Grip

The should be gripped in such a degree so that you can move your wrist and bat effortlessly in all the directions.


  1. Stance

The stance is the position when a batsman is prepared to face a delivery. The wrong stance can be caused to back and foot injury. Always mind the following:

  • Leg position
  • Body weight
  • Eye level
  • Stand Side way
  • Head position

 In order to select one of the shot, it is important that you look the motion of the ball  from bowler hand, so that you can judge the line and length of the ball.

Above all it is the physical fitness that has a significant importance not only in cricket in all the outdoor the games.  The fitter you are the better you will play.

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