You hereby understand and acknowledge the Terms and Condition of Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp and expressed your strict adherence to the rules and regulation.

  • The fees for coaching session are subject to amend without earlier notice.
  • At their sole consideration, Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp  reserves the right to limit any particular activity of the clients.
  • The  coaches of the Camp are subject to change with no prior notice.
  •  It reserves the right to put off or change or cancel any cricket sessions if needed at least 48 hours notice.  A refund or credit for another new program may be offered.

 Cancellation Policy

  • For cancellation refund is given more than 7 days prior to the commencement of  the program or academy is given
  • All cancellations must be sent in writing and sent via email to —————— with the result determined at the sole discretion of the Camp.
  • The medical certificates must be submitted in 7 days from the beginning of a program,  else academy will call for a credit for a future camp or private coaching sessions of the same value.

Medical approval

  • If anyone  suffers from any  medical condition,  he/she need to take advice from any registered medical practitioner before admission. If the child fail to get any medical clearance from the authorized practitioners, he/she can’t take part in our programs.
  • In case of any illness or accident the parent/guardian may authorize any medical support or treatment that the trainees might require on their full responsibility and liabilities.
  • By enrolling the name it is declared that he/she is fit for  participation in any of the activities, consent to release Pallishree Cricket Academy, from any claim or liability arising from the program, directly or indirectly.
  • You also assure  Pallisree against responsibility for any type of injury, accident, loss, injury, illness or death suffered by your child during the any of the activities.


Wet Weather Policy

  • Any event  may be cancelled for wet weather which depends on the  location of the event. We will get in touch with you to notify the cancellation via email address. In case you don’t receive email from Pallisree, the event will be as usual.

Hot Summer Policy

  • If the temperature is about or above 38 degrees, adopt the following procedures:
  • The team members will be sent special directions for remaining sensible in the hot summer weather.
  • Intensity of sports activity is minimized. The drink breaks are more frequent or when needed
  • During specific breaks the particular trainees will be asked to rest with no  activity during the time.
  • The Program Leader will speak to the group coaches about any heat affected trainee.
  • Water and sports drink  will be supplied to them for replenishment.

The code of ethics of the Parents

  • The  parents should encourage their children in cricket for their gratification, not for the satisfaction of the parents.
  • The parents should encourage their children  to obey the coaches and respect their decisions while playing  the game.
  • The parents should focus on children’s  efforts and performance rather  than winning or losing.
  • The parents should never scorn or shout at the child for committing any mistake or losing a game.
  • The parents should know that children learn best by example. They need  an appreciation of good performances and skillful playing.
  • The parents should make every effort to kill any physical or verbal violence out of sporting activities.
  • The parents should respect the officials’ decisions also teach their  children to do in the same way.
  • The parents should show pleasure and approval for the officials,  volunteer coaches, and administrators and encourage their children to get all supports from them.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, apart from their cultural background,  ability,  gender, or religion.
  • The parents should encourage the children to do up everything by themselves, like keeping the kits, jersey, etc in the right way.
  • The children must be taught about good sportsmanship and its necessity in the field.

The Code of Conduct for the players

  • The players should always play following the rules.
  • No player should differ with an umpire. If, disagree at all, let he/she appeal coach, or captain, or manager to request  the umpire in an appropriate manner, either at a break time  or after the end of  the game.


  • The players should not be too tempted to control their temper, verbal abuse of players or officials are not acceptable or permitted behaviors in cricket.
  • Every player should work equally hard for themselves and their teammates. They should  consider team’s performance that will benefit both the team and the individual player.
  • Every player should be a good sports person first. Applaud all the good performance,  whether they are made by the own team or the opposition.
  • All the players need to treat every participant as he/she  likes  to be treated. Taking  unfair advantage of another competitor is forbidden.
  • The players need to cooperate with the coach, opponents and teammates.
  • All the players should respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, apart from their ability, gender, cultural background and religion.

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