Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

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We visualize to instill the sporting culture into the  people by making sports an important and sustainable  tool  for holistic way of life. We dream of  social integration of all deprived and marginalized rural youth across India.

Today, Pallisree cricket coaching camp is acknowledged as one of the best cricket coaching camp in Kolkata. And our motto is to bloom a great cricketer for the coming days with the best cricket coaching that we providing for years.

Pallisree cricket coaching camp is a reliable name for the female trainees. Numbers of girls have uplifted themselves in the upper level with our best cricket coaching in Kolkata.

Our mission

  • Enabling the participation of underprivileged and rural youth, particularly girls, in sport and physical activity, targeting remote and rural areas.
  • Helping the progress of gifted youth by providing them with the  support to excel at higher levels.
  • Promoting the sport as a significant development tool for youth, especially girls, to help them for holistic development by providing them with self-esteem, confidence, and leadership qualities, and encouraging  values and ethics.
  • Manageing the programs and events professionally and thereby  ensuring the participants to gain the desired benefits from sporting activity.
  • Working together the growth and long-term sustainability with a range of external stakeholders and the government, sports federations or sports associations, private institutions, clubs etc.
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Our values

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Our values create the sense of purpose to ensure that we succeed as a world leading organization. We take immense pride in our values which are critical to Our long term success.

  • Working Hard
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Team work
  • Equality
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Reciprocity
  • Transparency
  • Excellence

Our Aims

  • To assist students to balance their sporting goals and academic studies in a supportive educational environment .
  • To promote a “high performance culture” for the trainees focusing on the sporting excellence and academic achievement.
  • To endow the students with high performance coaching, best practice training programs and structured support systems, including sports science, sports psychology and sports medication and nutrition.
  • To provide diverse sporting and career pathways for the students involved in our Academy to meet their needs and develop their potential.
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