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Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp was set up in 1946 at Bidhanpally in Madhaymgram, in the district of 24 Parganas (n), Kolkata700129, with the vision to strengthen the quality of specialized cricket coaching. Since 1990, it has developed an extensive range of cricket coaching programs under the patronage of cricket dignitaries for the benefits of individuals, clubs and schools. This best cricket coaching camp in Kolkata commits itself to coach the young stars using the best and updated methods of coaching for offering them the opportunities to shine out in the game of cricket.

Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp customizes the training programs which support learning with fun and boosts self confidence of the trainees. Our team of coaches with unique backgrounds and experiences, has brought in the exclusive knowledge of cricket to our academy.

Our coaching methods which are all within the boundaries of national and international guideline, backed by the well-researched training program for the players of all categories. With women starting to show interest to learn cricket, we run specialized cricket training camps for women also.

We arrange “Group Coaching” and “One on One” training camp under the guidance of our level best coaches. Our highly skilled visiting and guest coaches conduct the strength and fitness condition of the trainees from time to time.

The Camp is now regarded as the “home of cricket” across the neighborhood.

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Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp
Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp

Opening ceremony year 1990, Special guest Sambaran Bannerjee Coach Mridul Bannerjee

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