5 ODI captains with the highest win percentage

ODI cricket has a long history that spans nearly 5 decades. The 50-over setup of the game has seen a number of great  batsmen and bowlers. These crickets also saw some of the great captains, whose headship is known to have been a significant aspect of the success of the team.  Now we are going to tell you about a few prominent ODI captains with the highest win percentage.

A captain’s role in the game of cricket is more than what we see them on the field.  There are many incomparable captains who contributed more to build their teams, both for now and for the days to come. They have changed  the way of cricket played in different  countries.

A  success of a captain can be measured by analyzing the number of matches he had won while leading the team.  Here is a look at statistically the 5 most dominant captains in ODI cricket till date, holding the highest victory percentages.

Michael Clarke

He led Australia to victory in 2015 World Cup played at the homeland. Michael Clarke,was considered as one of the best middle-order batsmen in the world of his period took over from the most flourishing captain in ODI history, Ricky Ponting, post Australia’s defeat to India in the 2011 world cup. He led Australia in 74 ODIs, won 50 of them with a winning  percentage of 70.4%.

Hansie Cronje: 

Perhaps he is the only player who is commemorated more as a captain than as a player. Hansie Cronje was the man who was involved  in making sure of the supremacy of the South African team for a decade from mid-90s. Such was his height of South African team in the cricketing world. Cronje as a successful captain in ODIs, leading his team to 99 victories out of 138 matches, with a percentage of 73.7% victory.

Ricky Ponting

The man lies third on this list, brought most of the number of victories as an ODI captain.  With a extraordinary career as an ODI batsman, Ricky Ponting occupies the third place in the all-time list of highest run scorers in ODI cricket. He took the responsibility of team from `Steve Waugh, and led a team full of great players. Ponting led team about  230 ODI matches, won a monstrous 165 of them at a win percentage of 76.14%.

Clive Lloyd

Considered to be the greatest team for all time, the first in the history of ODI is an unbeatable West Indies team of  1970s, headed by the Clive Lloyd. While there  are a lot lesser number of ODI were  played in that era, but  the West Indies headed almost every team. Lloyd headed his team in 64 wins out of 84 matches played as captain, a winning  percentage of 77.71%. 

Virat Kohli

Topping this list is Virat Kohli, who headed crushing many records, not only in batting but in captaining the team well. While the whole world is fascinated by the Virat Kohli’s batting skill, it is also worth mentioning  that his guiding the Indian team, transformed it as the best ever team across the world. Virat Kohli guided India in 49 matches so far, winning 38 of those an achieving  percentages of 79.1%.

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