6 Runs: The Science of the Big Hit in cricket

The aggressive batting in cricket, is not just doing heavily and firmly in the hope of long way hitting the ball. Rather, it is the forceful batting that requires a right setup, a technically sound, but assertive swing, and the positive attitude that comes out of lots of practice. Hitting six is the big hit that you should learn step by step.


Stay stress-free between balls:

Maintain relaxed body with positive energy. Focus your mind between balls. It will significantly improve your sense of timing to step up to hit. Take a deep breath and visualize your successful hitting.

Accelerate focus:

A high level of focus is necessary when setting your time to hit the ball perfectly. As you get ready for the ball, keep your mind free from interruptions. Stop thinking about past failures and try not to call up any future failures. Concentrate on the present. Remain peaceful, calm and be aware of your body.

Assuming the posture

 Stand on the balls of the feet:

Placing your load on the balls of the feet makes you prepare for to move fast. Bending your knees will move your body weight from the heels to the balls of your feet. Never straighten your legs that might lock your knees.

Keep watching your eye level:

Keep your outside eye level with the inside eye. This helps to enjoy the clear vision of the ball. It also ensures that the rest of your body is open and squared to the motion of the ball. Your shoulders will stay level and the hips will stay open.

Lift your bat:

Before you can raise your bat high like the professionals, you require to be skilled your posture. Lift the bat to the level to keep your knees bent, your eye level, keeping your body open. A great posture at the crease improves your control of time.

Hitting the ball

Point the elbow at the bowler as he runs into a bowl

This promotes you to play directly. You should intend elbows as you force the ball, rather than toil across the line.

Watch the ball

While the bowler running at you, keep your eyes ready to act on the ball. Focus on the seam of the ball.

Loosen the wrists

Just as the ball hits the bat, loosen your wrists. It will give added punch to the ball. This does not mean beating everything to leg; you can fling your wrists to the off side just like a hockey player.

Lengthen your arms

During the cutting or hooking the ball, be confident that your arms are extended fully. A restricted shot leads to a catch.

Hit the ball

Now, hit the majority of balls along the ground. Of course, if you are trying to drive straight for a six, or score a run, hit the ball in the air and hope it will go over the boundary.

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