7 lessons we learn from cricket

Cricket is an extremely popular game across the world, particularly in India. We breathe cricket, live cricket and talk cricket! Apart from enjoying it as a game, we learn a lot out of cricket. We apply the cricket lessons in our journey of life.  Let’s have a look at them:

Team Work

The cricket is the best example of teamwork. Each of the players is different, but the small contributions of everyone help the team to win the cup or trophy. The team is always bigger than the individual. It proves that no individual player can win, but it is the team that wins. In our practical life also, whether in workplace or at house, everybody has a significant part to play.

Physical competence

Physical competence or fitness is the basis of dynamic and creative activity. It is not a story, but facts that a few years ago people were fitter than today. It is nothing mysterious. The exercise was the part of their life and activities. Cricket focuses on the fitness. Because cricket is for the “survival of the fittest.”

Coming Back

Our life is full of ups and downs. It is quite certain that life will give a blow, but we will have to fight back them back like a warrior. Examples are not rare when a player, after suffering from fatal diseases, made a comeback.  Cricket learns to fight, not to quit.


Every day is the beginning of the new day. If you cling to the past, you can’t move on. Facing obstacle is indispensable in our life. We have no other alternative but to face the obstacles in life. But the real meat of life is to face them and overcome them. Cricket teaches this valuable lesson and helps to focus on the future, moving ahead, instead of worrying about the past.

Keeping On  

Hope is the dynamic force that keeps us going. Miracle happens, if we never lose hope. In many the dynamism changes the situations, even in the eleventh hour. The examples are not rare, when playing with bigger confidence, makes the results different.


Leaders lead people to the right direction, through the right way holding the torch in hand. With a strong leader we can overcome all the obstacles. This leadership can be learnt from Cricket.

Striking attitude

The right attitude makes a big difference. There are few players who come back because of the right attitude they use to hold. A never quit attitude and fighting spirit helped many cricket players to fight the odds and smoothen their way to the destination.

So, cricket is an alliance between hard work and strategy that players put in the match. These 7 life lessons from cricket will help to create the roadmap to reach the goals.

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