An Introduction to Cricket Bowling Technique

Bowling should follow the definite techniques that are true for  every player, irrespective of their style of throwing. The basics of bowling are:

  • How to stand
  • How to approach
  • How to release the ball effectively

Even when you learn the steps, it takes time to gain perfection. One of the big mistakes the beginner players do is not to follow the right way to bowling. Rather,  they bowl in their own way because they found it comfortable to gain fair score.

Even when you learn the steps, it is imperative that you follow them whenever play, not this match or that match, but always, even when you play with your playmates in your home compound.

Right posture when you start

In order to bowl right, your right posture is very important as long as you play. Maintain strong muscles, up your head and shoulder in straight position parallel to your body.

It is very important to maintain a proper position so long as you play, a position that implies strong muscles, head up and shoulders in a straight position parallel to your  body.

Cricket Bowling

The cricket bowling technique is a very skillful and difficult to acquire. The cricket bowling may be fast, slow, spin and swing. The spinners are the slow bowlers and can get the ball to change direction during the hitting.
Swingers can manage ball to move away from or towards a batsman.
Good bowlers can be awfully baffling because of the way they have achieved their bowling.

The Leg Spinner: how they hold the ball

The gripping  is to use 2 fingers up and 2 fingers down, with  splitting
between the 2nd  and 3rd fingers that stretch across the seam. The thumb,  finger just rests on the ball passively.

The Flipper: How they deliver

The fingers are taken more forward on the ball for the thumb to play the vital part.  The grip must be moderate to  stop ball  fizzing out of his hand.The trick is not to bowl too fast,  but with relaxed and press the ball with fingers and thumb the underspin turns  the ball to quicken through the air.


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