Astroturf: An artificial fiber used in sports field

Grass is the premium standard that synthetic Astro turf strives to emulate. It balances the playability with durability.The Astro Turf is the artificial turf. It is not packed with rubber or sand, but with the soil.   It is the technological advancement and the evolution of product design for the sports field.

It’s a great alternative to grass

As an alternate opportunity to grass, information show it as safer, long-lasting, and cost effective. Beyond doubt,  the only alternative to all sports-surfacing needs is  the Astroturf. It is made to look exactly similar to the grass field


What benefits do you expect out of AstroTurf

Like natural grass fields, the systems of artificial turf  ranges from the simple unplayable  to the outstanding. A few challenges need to be overcome

Certain challenges must be overcome in order for a field to be classified as the upper echelon of synthetic surfaces. For this reason and more, AstroTurf launches the AstroPlay product line for cricket. These systems offer a broad portfolio of system choices that fit the budgets. Many are cricket board certified.


The previous installation of the turf fields in different parts of the world included border drains,  and a light chemical coating. But it failed. There were grim crisis in regard to the drainage and planarity.

The problem sweage was severe enough for dilapidation of the existing shock pad,  and turf as well as revelation of the subgrade.

The City of Kolkata bid for finding a cost effective but long-term solution for this having insufficient service in the  neighborhood.

The city also wants to avoid rubber bit and is interested in other infill options.

Success of AstroTurf:

AstroTurf in collaboration with the City’s Consultant develop a new product.  It is an absolutely new synthetic turf system. AstroTurf  is competent enough for the logical manufacturer for its traditional philosophy based on  “more fiber, less fill” philosophy.

This new awfully dense turf is taken up with a shock pad. It gets rid of the need for scrap rubber infill or the other costly infill options without foregoing the advantages of conventional infill systems.

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