Basic Tips That Will Make You A Great Fast Bowler


Being a fast bowler allows you to remain alert to be your team’s go when they need a wicket. Through developing a solid delivery and strengthening your body, you can gain the necessary skills to be a great fast bowler.

A skilled,  fast bowler can be the useful asset to the team, but acquiring the skills is a hard work and dedicated

Here are some helpful information that you can use instantly:

  • Hang onto the cricket ball as long as possible: By doing this you create a large arm pull, which maximizes the ‘catapult’ effect. The last thing you do when you bowl is letting the ball go.
  • Try not to get your arm excessively high: If you imagine a 12-hour clock, as viewed from the batsman’s end, the bowling arm can be any hour before but not a minute past. For every minute you go past you are successfully leaning across to bowl and this reduces both your speed and accuracy.
  • A front on bowler intend to have more ground speed than a sideways bowler: This is because a front on bowler need not have to jump as high as they do not require turning their back foot sideways.  If you do need to jump at the crease, we are looking for long jump rather than high jump.
  • Imagine yourself running in a bowling track

It helps to run up directly, and keep your weight moving in a straight line.

  •  The non-bowling arm is far more important than your bowling arm.

Use it accurately by driving it out and down so it passes your side. When you do this properly, it will accelerate your bowling shoulder and help increase speed.


  • Make sure that you have rotated your shoulders after you completed your action. If you have a name on your back think that you are going to show it to the batsman when you finish. This will help you think about how much of a shoulder turn, you’re aiming for.
  • At the time of delivery, bowler’s hips and nose need to be facing the batsman: If your bowling hip remains idle, it will lag behind, dropping your speed. The hips are the powerhouse of your body. Get them in the right position.

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