Buying guides of batting gloves


Batting gloves can take your game to the next level. If the gloves fit your hand right way is the first step when you search for the gloves. The batting gloves, besides bringing greater results for you, can also safety and comfort to your hand during the play.

Why must you wear gloves? It boosts the quality of grip both for wooden and metal.  It decreases the quantity of hand perspiration of the player. By keeping up a tight and controlled grip, the players can boost their results.

Batting gloves give a level of safety throughout the play. They can diminish the sting and vibration felt during a hit and can decrease the possibility of getting blisters in hand during the cricket season.


To find the right sizes of the gloves, just calculate the length of your hand. Begin at the bottom of the palm and then measure up to the tip of the middle finger on your dominant hand. For instance, if hand measures 6.5”, you would search for a small in men’s, medium in women’s or an XL for the youth. The gloves should be cozy yet comfy. Slack gloves can lead to slippage, and tight gloves will impact movement.


There are two distinct materials used for the gloves for cricket batting: one is leather and the other is synthetic. Both offer obvious benefits.

Leather made gloves can offer a natural feel and may offer a better hold than their synthetic equals.

By contrast, synthetic batting gloves offer comfort and flexibility and can also be easily cleaned. “Leather gloves provide a classic feel and are a bit more rugged,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate Jack Heffron said. “Some people go to synthetic gloves for more of a stretch or the feel.”

Some manufacturers make batting gloves with leather palms and synthetic fingers for the best of both worlds.

Wrist style

Depending on the wrist style of the gloves is also essential. With Velcro it is a popular alternative that can be attuned quickly, but could get dirty or wet, which will hurt its usefulness.

Some of the gloves have a high-profile wrist for more of a feel of density. Some batters tape their wrists so batting gloves try to capture that.

With these features in mind, it is possible to find the best batting gloves for you and be ready to take on the competition, though finding the right batting gloves differ from player to player.

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