COVID-19 Lockdown: How to Reduce Anxiety of the sportsman


Like most families with young children spend the weekends and other holidays filling with playing simple games with their kids, such as who is the good runner or who can catch a ball, reciting alphabets backwards etc. Now they are in COVID-19 Lockdown, they are in home confinement due to the Coronavirus, but they still find comfort and joy in the lockdown like any other free time.

During this lockdown, the importance of games and sports has become more important than ever before. There is hardly any doubt that you are trying hard to make your mind free from anxiety.

Games and sports can occupy your noisy minds, cut through the boredom of being quarantined, centralize your awareness in the present moment, create a shared adventure, and challenge yourselves to improve in some way or other.

During the crisis period of COVID-19 Lockdown when gyms are shuttered, some parks have been deemed off-limits, and athletic events have been cancelled for indefinite period. Athletes, more than ever, need to appreciate the distinction between their sport goals and their purpose.

Although some use the terms goal and purpose interchangeably, they are not the same.  For instance, the goal in cricket is to score maximum run, but the purpose is to enjoy the mind-body synchronizations that is only derived from playing.  Despite all the bad headlines, the good news is that the virus can’t infect an athlete’s hunger for playing, to ignite their spirit regularly.

It is the reason that the players play sports by heart to connect to something  curious and exciting in them that gives us a host of excitement and a sense of being alive in full spirit which other jobs may not provide.

Under ordinary circumstances, the sportsperson would not have had the time to give back their credits to the people around. However, the current COVID-19 Lockdown circumstances led the sportsperson finding a new sense of live responsibilities in being of service to others. In that way, she has remained connected to the world of dance, but instead of focusing on her own performances she has embraced the challenge of teaching what she knows to young ballerinas.

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