Cricket batting tips against the fast bowlers


The facing of fast bowling is to defend the attack similar to facing an external attack fearlessly. You need to remain calm and cool to be self confident. Keep your hand supple to make any adjustment of your hand to face the fast ball. Here are some tips against the fast bowlers to help you to play the game.


Set yourself in the crease

Maintain a positive mindset and show the bowlers that you are not at all afraid to face the ball. A strong mental game is preceded by the real game in the crease.

Keep your stand comfortable and relaxed

Stand in front of the wickets with your knees a little bent, facing the non-dominant shoulder towards the bowler. Turn your head in the direction of the bowler, bend your head a bit and keep your torso straight.

Clasp the bat with a flexible grip

Hold the bat with your non-dominant hand positioned near the top of the handle. Your leading hand should be nearer to the paddle, and your hands should be rather close together. When facing the tough fast bowler maintaining the defensive stance is one of the important tips against the fast bowlers that the batsman should follow.

Watch the ball with good focus all times

Keep your eyes on the ball, foresee its trajectory or the path of movement. Stay ready to respond, your instincts will prompt you to decide the shot which you should play.

Defend the stumps in case the bowler aim low and fast

In case of facing a fast bowler, aim to fall the wicket. Step forward with your front leg, and make a straight shot by swinging the bat upward with the full face of the bat facing the ball. Remember to focus on the ball instead of trying to drive the ball.batting-tips_against_fast_bowler_1

Swing the bat to the side if the ball bounces short

When the ball springs back before time, step toward the back and get ready to make a high defensive shot. Instead of swinging straight, move back and forth to the side to force the ball in the direction of a gap.

These are some of the tips against the fast bowlers that will help you to defend the ball successfully.

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