Cricket Batting Tips – Get the Basics


Normally the technique of cricket batting refers to the standing postures of the batsman, his move and body execution while striking the ball.

The movements of the body largely depend on which type of ball he is going to attempt. There are many shots that need pressure on front foot or other on the back foot.

Here a few cricket batting tips  


The Stance is the standing position of the batsman before facing the ball. The feet need to be apart by 40cm, but parallel to the crease, shoulder down pointing to the wicket. The batsman needs to lift the bat to hit the ball, then again come back to the previous position.

Back lift

The batsman lifts his bat to hit the ball. This called back lift. The bat should be raised as vertically as possible, but slightly angled.

Forward and back

The batsman usually moves forward and backward depending upon the attempt to prevent the ball. A forward movement is the front foot shot whilst the backward movement is the movement of back foot.  It is one of the Cricket Batting Tips to use the front foot shot and attempt the ball that comes between the ankle and thigh height. A back-foot shot attempt ball between the thigh and head height. This is the batsman generally comes a few steps back and stands on his tip of the toes to raise his bat to the height of the


Sometimes the batsman refuses to play a ball and let it pass. The bat is held out of the way of the ball. Sometimes, batsmen make use of the leave during the first few balls in order to judge the bowling before attempting to play a shot. While leaving the delivery, it needs to be ensured that it is not going to hit the wicket, bat or his hand to avoid accidental contact.

These are basic the Cricket Batting Tips that are helpful for the batsman in the field.

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