Fitness calculator for sportsman


Water Intake

Water is fundamental to cricket. Even 1% of dehydration can affect remarkable reduction in performance. Dehydration can cause,

• Increased heart beat
• Increased lactate acid in muscles
• Increased body temperature
• Decreased strength
• Heat cramps
• Heat exhaustion
• Heat stroke

The greatest way to pass up fluid loss is to drink plentiful of fluids. Water is enough to replenish the fluids that are lost during playing. The required levels of fluids, determine the hydration level. It is vital to check the body and to frequently take in fluids.

Protein Intake

Consuming too much protein add to the risk of heart attack and the problems of bone and liver. But the sports person needs to take more than the average quantity of protein than the common man. Too little protein may lead to strength reduction and prevention of performance. So like everything, protein intake is also an act of balance: maximum is not good for your health, but the minimum is bad for playing.
Normally, 1g of protein per KG body weight per day is enough. But if you undergo new session, you can boost this to 1.5.

                                                             Cricket protein tips

• Where possible accept low fat protein sources like semi-skimmed milk, fish and lean meat etc.
• Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
• You can get all your protein from food, no supplement is required.

BMI ( Body Mass Index)

Right from the impressive girth to the diminutive skills, there are not so many sports that require strength of body mass that cricket demands. Skill is very much vital in cricket success, while body weight is important to determine skill development. There is no alternative for the ability to play cricket. Weight is used as a measure of strength. It is easy to track it how you can be a man of an athletic look to make yourself and the game of cricket.
How much a cricketer weighs depends on the concept of BMI. A person with enough strength with low body fat can look after itself. body_fitness_1

BFP (Body Fat Percentage)

The athletes need a fine balance between the mobility and stability of the shoulder for meeting the purposeful demands of their respective sport. While musculoskeletal (muscle+skeleton) symptoms are one of the warnings against the consequences that recorded in abnormal posture, bending, twisting, and exercise levels of the sportsmen of the respective fields. Based on this idea, the current study aims to settle on the strong factor which affects both mobility and stability among the cricket players.

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