Fitness Mechanism of Cricket

Cricket is a sport played between the two teams using a bat and ball on an outdoor ground. The cricket game takes long intervals with short explode of soaring force. This is the reasons why right components of fitness are necessary for a high-level of cricket presentation.


Dynamism or strength is the ability of the cricketers to apply force by using only one muscle or by using combination of muscle. Strength or dynamism plays an important role in putting off chronic and sever injuries, and also in increasing your performance. Building your strength can be achieved with conventional weight lifting and work out like squatting, pressing, lunging, Olympic liftings etc.

Resilience and Patience

The playing of Cricket is not continuous; rather it involves changes from high intensity to rest. During the periods of high intensity spell, the cricketers use maximum energy speed, strength and power output. Stamina refers to your body’s capability to deliver, store and make use of energy, which is an essential fitness component of cricket. Matches may continue from an hour to quite a few hours.


Swiftness is the ability to reiterate the movements in a short time frame, and cricket players use the swiftness as running on offense and defence. You can put up and perk up your speed using the shuttle sprints, polymeric exercises, or speed workouts.


The aptitude of fielding, throwing and hitting requires a high-level of coordination. Coordination in cricket refers to your ability to combine several complex movement patterns into one smooth movement. You can perk up your synchronization through multiple sessions strengthening the proper mechanics.

The accuracy as a fitness component refers to the ability to control movements in the specific direction or concentration. You can develop your power of accuracy through repeated practice. Power of accuracy is the ability to apply a highest amount of force in a minimum amount of time.


It is a common fitness component. It refers to the aptitude to maximize the range of motion of your joints and muscles. With enhanced flexibility you can perk up your speed, suppleness and other fitness components. Flexibility can be improved by extending the practice sessions or strength and training workouts.

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