Front foot defence stroke in Cricket


The batsmen always need to decide instantly whether they would play the ball or defend the ball or score runs. When the players defend the ball they protect wickets as well as their body. It also intends to keep the ball on the ground. There are two types of defence, one is front foot defence and the other is back foot defence. The players, when playing the front foot drive, approach the ball and play the ball around the knee height.

How to train the shot

  1. Approach the ball with the front foot, by bending the knee by swinging the bat back.
  2. Hit the ball with slow motion, and be sure that the bat comes down straight.
  3. Finally, balanced with the face of the bat pointing to the ground.

The principle of the Shot

The principle of the front foot defensive shot is to block the ball instead of playing it for scoring runs.The batsman always needs a firm defence to build scores.

How to test the shot

The front foot defence shot can be tested in the following way:

  • Lean the head and the front shoulder to the line of the ball
  • Stride the front leg towards the ball to take the weight

Create a semi circle in pairs or in small groups in cone shape  in front of the batsman.  Let a player flings the ball with a bounce to the  batsman who in turn defends the ball by bouncing it inside the semicircle.

Practice in the following way:

  • Defend ten balls thrown underarm and observe the number ball you can send inside the semicircle.
  • Defend ten balls thrown overarm and see the how many balls you can send inside the semicircle.
  • Defend ten balls thrown by mixing both of underarm and overarm and observe the number of balls you can send in.

The fielders stand outside the semicircle while working in groups fielders stand outside the semicircle. The batsman tries to continue without being caught. Protect yourself by hitting the ball softly to avoid to be caught.

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