Hook Shot in Cricket


The pull shot and hook shot are not same in cricket. There are a few differences between them.

While the pull shot is played to a ball around the waist height, the hook is played to a short delivery between chest and head height. But hook shot is full of risks and potentially very dangerous. It is convenient to play in a short-pitched delivery around the chest and head. It makes the shot difficult and also makes it difficult to play. It’s not easy to the wrists while hitting the hook. The results are that it remains in the air for a few seconds.

With the back swing starts, the shoulder, the head, and back foot pull back and across. Always keep the ball on watch. If it is not possible for you to play the ball, it is likely that the ball might hit your chest or head. So, putting on a helmet is worthwhile for hook shot. Quick footwork is essential to involve into the right condition to play the hook.

It is very important for this shot to form a base of the shot. It is done by moving the front leg backward and towards the leg side. Keep the hands high and judge both by bouncing and the line of the ball, if you meet it or not to challenge the shot.

If you take on the shot, then the arms should swing through and be fully extended when hitting the ball. The pursuing will be either to observe both feet move around and point in the direction of the path or your front leg will be raised off the ground, with your weight pivoting on the back foot.

You need to play this shot on the occasion of short deliveries on the leg side in offensively. Keep your hands high and extend your arms as much as possible.

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