How cricket bat is repaired

Cricket is a game of bat and ball. The bowlers bowl at the bat, which gets worn and torn  to face the hit of the ball. Fortunately, it is in our hands to fix the issue,  of course,  depending upon the variety of problems, such as the problem of crack of a cricket bat can be repaired but will continue to get worse. Eventually,  it needs to be replaced.

So faster the better. Soon after it needs  to repair the bat, you should do it as early as possible.

How to repair? Lets see here

The bats can be needed to repair in different places that are done with expertise.

Toe cracks repairing

Most of the cracks are repaired with glue, tape, sandpaper, and oil.

After locating  the crack and filling it completely with glue, allow it to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

Now rub the area with sanding paper and oil the mend the area with linseed oil.

Bind the area with bat tape or string. If you use string, soak it in glue and wrap the bat.

Repair cracks in the face or edge

This part of the bat can be repaired by following the same steps as repairing the toe cracks.

After filling the crack with glue, cover the bat with two pieces of wood on both sides and fasten it, keep it in safe place. During the time the glue dries and the similar steps of sanding, oiling as well as taping is done.

If you don’t have a fixing material, cut up the strips from any old bat clutch and apply them as elastics to fasten the bat with the glue dries.

Reattach the handle 

The handles are found to be detached in many occasions  and it can be reattached with glue. Cover the handle with wood glue and reinsert it into the body of the bat.

Clamp the bat to hold the handle tightly in its place and allow the glue to dry  for at least 2 days

For added support, insert wood screws into the body and through the handle to keep it in place.

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