How much should a Cricketer train

Shorter and higher level of intense workouts with sufficient rest could be the important point for helping the Cricketer, primarily the bowlers, continue without getting wounded.

It’s a simple game, the celebrity cricketer says.  See ball, hit ball, catch ball. Yet when you’re close to the professional structure, full up with each sort of expert, technical aid and databank, it appears that cricket has itself turned into a senselessly intricate beast.

Much of this happens, since the “tail now wags the dog.” Where sports science or medicine was introduced as a corresponding added to components, it is almost at the point now where the cricket bit exists to validate the growing supportive staff who are now part of the team. Sitting in dressing rooms, wearing the team kit, and shaking hands on the field after the game, the cricketers now feel themselves as a part of the whole thing, not just the team.

The training should reflect the role of the player in the team

Cricket is, in most cases, a technique-guided sport. Whether a batsman or bowler, the bottom line of any Cricket Coaching Camp training program should be frequent efforts that hone your technique in both the net practice and out on the pitch. But when it comes to force and potency, and conditioning, every player has a separate program that’s as definite as their place on the crease.

The experts in the Coaching Camp, say that they have different programs for special athletes. There’s a unique way of training spin bowlers, fast bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers and all-rounders.

This is because every individual game demands the utilization of a completely different set of muscles and movements. The load of travelling to other countries or abroad, can be so heavy that they get about five weeks off a year. This creates a training and competing load that makes them extremely vulnerable to injuries.  Strengthening the body for the professional cricketers is, therefore, injury preventive and strengthening the body power.

Out of the season, the professional cricketers should continue with the comprehensive speed program, which would normally involve dual sessions a week with things like nimbleness drills and short, powerful sprints.

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