How to be a better opener in Cricket


What makes a good opener in cricket? Being an opener is a matter of specialized organization. The best hitter is not always the best opener.  Opening is more than just aiming the ball for a good opening shot. It is a matter of resourceful organization to face the bowlers in fresh legs.

So, there are certain traits that the openers need to know:

The Technique of Adaptability

You may play a lot of shots, but understanding your game is very important. Playing the ball straight is key to the technique. You might switch gears from defense to attack following the situation, the condition of the match as well as bowling.

The ability of Judging the off stump

It is a great skill for the opener in cricket, even in T20 to know how to play the ball and when not play the ball. The opener must have great skill to judge the potentiality of the ball.

The staying power

Sometimes the bowlers make the batsman play or miss the ball. However, bad ball, not worthy of playing, may come, you should never lose the focus on the next ball.

It most often meant by the coaches when they tell about the opening bowler. The ability to focus on the opening ball is rather tough for the opening batsman.

Once you could assess the condition the situation is under your favour that lead you to play more forcefully. Though, you need to keep a good defence   since the good ball is never far away.

The aforesaid points of playing as an opener are always true everywhere. The biggest difference is the strong desire to play the ball with attention.

Mainly focus on two areas:

  • Middle cricket practice
  • Technical development

Besides, it is strongly recommended to turn around the strike by receiving cheeky singles. It is possible to make good score even without hitting the boundaries.

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