How to be an efficient Fast Bowler

Fast bowling and spin bowling are the two most important delivery styles of cricket. A skilled, fast bowler is an asset to the cricket team.  But acquiring of the skills needs,  hard work and committed practice. You can step up your game by intensification of your ability to focus under pressure.

Improving delivery of the ball

  • In order to be a good fast bowler,  know the technique of holding the ball accurately. Keep a firm grip on the ball, without squeezing  or holding too tightly. This might cause the arm and shoulder muscles tensed, and it will stunt your delivery.
  • Trial with the speed, angle and length, of your bowling approach and decide on which you feel comfortable. Many fast bowlers accept a long run up that provides them ample opportunity  to build impetus before they strike the crease. Others do prefer  short run up. There is no better length, what is comfortable, do with it.  A number of  top fast bowlers across the world prefer the  short run ups while fast bowling.  Some take as few as 8 to10 paces  prior to send the ball to the batsman.
  • At the moment of release, follow through with the whole arm till it comes to a stop just above waist height. Giving the ball a little thrust as it is released from the hand,  will let you to channelize your full power into the bowl. It adds speed to your bowling speed. Never lock your wrist, keep it free of tension. The practice of moving at high speed, may place a huge stress on the wrist, if not taken care of.
  • Focus on speed, obsess less about about line and length. Make every delivery as swiftly as possible without giving up control. Later on, high-speed accuracy will come as expected. But it is not easy to build up the pace once you have started in particular ways. Make an effort to put the same amount of intensity in each delivery as you continue to refine your technique.

Together with strengthening your muscles, strengthen your mental game. Stay focus, build confidence in the skills. Increase your endurance with cardiac exercise along with increasing your strength. Eat healthy to keep yourself healthy.

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