How to motivate young cricketers

If you are a coach, you need to bring more and more freshers in the cricket field. You may wonder thinking about some of the young cricketers who seem to sail by the ship without proper equipment.

So, till the proper motivation is transplanted, you can’t work out a way of keeping your whole team of players hungry to get success and inspire them to put in hard work for the success.
Not that it is easy, yet it is not impossible.

What is needed?

People play cricket primarily for fun. Once you know that this is the biggest motivating factor for the players, you are at the big advantage. So the primary tricks is to get your players engaged in exciting things of the match.

First, match the complicacies to the level of skill. All the players are challenged, but able to make success at the end.

Secondly, fix varieties with lots of other activities.

Thirdly, keep everyone engaged and moving. Avoid having them long waiting for their own turn.

Fourthly, not all training needs to be disciplined and drilled. So never afraid of continuing the game for some time more.

When a coach doesn’t remember the importance of enjoying the cricket playing, he may strip the motivation away from the players rather than boosting it up. Never make this mistake.

For the naturally good players, the second reason can easily be met without much effort.

Hand over responsibility

Once the players motivation is known, they can be fed. By far the easiest way to do this is to allow your team to control the development. That doesn’t mean allowing free reign. Rather, it means the easiest way to motivate the player.

The tricky part is knowing how far to go with each individual. That’s where coaching becomes an art rather than a science, but once you are looking to do this, opportunities arise all the time:

For the coach that is the key to impetus. It’s not something you can carry by shouting at someone, or even something you can coerce players into. Motivation is giving players enough responsibility so they do it themselves.

Once you know a player’s motivation you can start feeding it.

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