How to play a lofted drive shot in Cricket


One of the most enjoyable parts of playing cricket is hitting the ball out of the ground. The specific shots are done for specific intention to send the ball in the air.  The lofted drive shot along with the hook shot, pull shot, the cut shot are the examples of such shot that tries to hit the ball out of the ground.

These shots require a various tricky approach, as well as a great deal of practices.

Let’s learn about how to play lofted drive

The lofted drive is an excellent shot played by the front foot shot when the bat is moved in a curve ahead of the drive.  The ball is sent up in the air between mid-on and mid-off. It is best played from the crease to an over-pitched delivery.

It is best played to an over-pitched delivery from the crease.

The three key steps are:

  • The position
  • The shot
  • The follow through

The Position: Relax your body and assume a balanced posture.

The Shot: Lift your bat with a high back swing to gain enough impetus to hit the ball.

The follow through: Take a step to the pitch of the ball, curve your front knee by keeping your head behind the point of contact.

Strike the ball 1-2 foot ahead, chipping it in the air and over the bowler. Now extend your arms in a curve towards the direction of the shot and let loose your back foot to balance yourself.

The Shot is of high risks. It needs lots of practice prior to the implementation of it. It is sending balls to the air, instead of sending it over the ground. It increases the possibility of being caught

Keep practising the stroke to perfect your Lofted Drive.

Enjoy your game.

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