How to practice cricket at home

Cricket is the most popular game next to soccer. Like any other skill, cricket also needs practice. The best way to do is to join a team of any club either in your school or in your neighbourhood club. It is always better to practice with a team to develop the skill for greater performance in the future as well as to grow the team spirit. The only important thing that you need to practice cricket at home is the right equipment and an open space.

Here is how you can practice cricket at home


Either a garage door or the side of a building is the best place for practising fielding. Make sure that there are no cars or windows around before you start practising. If you are a beginner or you are in the intermediate level, then its best to practice with a tennis ball. If you need to know advance skill levels, then use a racket ball or bouncier ball.


A place with wall is the best place for practising bowling. The wall acts as the wicket keeper. So, put 3 stumps in front of the wall. Now target the middle stump and run to it and bowl target firmly.  Next, try to hit the top of the middle stump along with top of the leg stump.


An easy way to practice batting at home is to take a cricket bat and a tennis ball. Then hit the ball in the air with the bat and go hitting the ball in as much time as you can. It increases the knowledge of batting and you will come to know where the middle of your bat is.

The third eye application is quite simple to understand. Set a stump in front of the wall, now throw it ball out against the wall.  As the ball bounce back hit it with the bat to the stump. This will help out you in making clean contact with a moving ball.

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