Know about On Drive


A good batsman must have the knowledge about various shots and also know which shot matches to which circumstance. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to play a scoring cricket shot. In addition, good hand-eye coordination, strength, reflexes, sound judgement and speed are other qualities of an efficient batsman. Learning and practising different types of shots and the uses of the shots properly are essential to improve the game and to score more runs. Here, we are mainly discussing about on drive shot.

Why On Drive

On Drive is one of the cricket shots among different cricket shots.  Staring with on drive is the proper way of learning shots.  it can be dangerous in staring with off drive in stead of on drive can be dangerous enough because it encourages your head to the off-side. And if it comes to your habit then it is bad enough for you. So, always learn the On Drive first.

Developing good alignment, good balance and an effective technique are the secrets of playing the on drive well. These qualities will help you to develop an all-round technique and to play straight.

Actually, driving the ball well through straight and mid-on, signifies that you are well balanced and aligned.

So, it is better in starting with the on drive and then progressing the straight drive. And it is the way in playing two shots while your head remains in the same balanced position wicket to wicket.

Because, playing straight will be very easy and feel natural. This means good techniques develop quickly.


The key facts about On Drive


  • On the back lift, your bat aligns over off stump.
  • Your head must align to the ball; not your shoulder.
  • As you step towards the ball your head position is overstated forward of the body.
  • As you step forward and lean in the back foot turns to point up the wicket to align the hips and give balance.
  • Take a shorter pace to help you get your head further forward than other drives. It will also help the back foot turn in slightly this aligning the hips. This short stride will help you let the ball come.
  • Your step is short with your front foot down line of leg stump, no wider.
  • The front foot points up the wicket.
  • Hit the ball forward of your front pad with the heel of your back foot off the ground.
  • Let the ball come under your eyes
  • Hit the shot with a dominant top hand
  • Finish with a check drive with high hands and high leading elbow
  • A good player is always spotted by how they play the on drive
  • A talented player is generally the one who plays the on drive well.
  • A good coach coaches this shot well.

Remember that learning and mastering on drive first will help you to learn off drive easier.

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