Online Cricket Class during “COVID-19” situation


As COVID -19 is spreading all over the world and the WHO (World Health Organisation) also declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic, the officials of Public Health Departments have recommended fewer public gatherings.  Schools, colleges and universities have already closed down their premises to get rid of the spreading infections.But the learners can’t be left idle as their skills and eagerness to learning will get blunt.  On the other hand, we can’t cross the limit of command of the government.This is the time to make the use of online facilities which we even could not think of. Like other fields of teaching-learning, the Cricket Coaching Camps also thinking about online cricket class during “COVID-19” situation.

Academic & vocational training institute opted online training

Academic & vocational training institute are not exceptional. These institutes or coaching / training centres have already started taking preparation to start their online classes.  People, associated to the Educational Technology Industry, produced everything such as Online Learning Software, and Tools which track the productivity of the learners are confidant to the take the challenges.

On the contrary, some educators are doubtful enough to get successful results from online classes. However, now, we have no other alternative but to choose the option of virtual classes in this grim situation loomed large across the world for the strange virus COVID-19.

Following COVID-19 situation, several countries declared closure of institutes and are using some online tools from which both trainers and trainees have been benefitted during training and learning virtually.

The trainees are facing lots of trouble to get proper training during this critical situation. the Cricket Academies, cricket training institutes or cricket coaching camps have been closed for an uncertain period. And the trainees are getting depressed. Considering the entire situation, Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp has taken initiative to start Online Coaching Classes. The trainers will share their instructions, audios and videos to the trainees through the WhatsApp.

Here are the steps to start WhatsApp Online Classes

And, in order to do so, Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp has created a WhatsApp group with their trainees.


  1. Create a group:
  • Go to the CHATS tab in WhatsApp.
  • Then go to More options > Click on New group
  • Alternatively, tap New chat > New group.
  • Select contacts to add to the group. Then tap the green arrow.
  • Enter a name for the group subject which will be the name of the group that all participants will see.
  • The subject name should be created within 25 characters.
  • You can add emoji to your subject by tapping Emoji.
  • Tap the green check mark when you’re finished.
  1. Invite into groups via links

Now, the group admin will invite people to join a group by sharing a link with them. To share a group, invite link:


  • Go to the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject
  • Alternatively, tap and hold the group in the CHATS tab
  • Then tap More options > Group info
  • Tap Invite via link
  • Choose to Send link via WhatsApp.
  • Then, copy the link or share it via another app.
  • You can also share a group invite using a QR code by tapping More options > Print group QR code.
  • If sending via WhatsApp, search for or select contacts, then tap Send
  • To print the QR code, your phone needs to be connected to a printer.
  • Android recipients of the code can scan the code using a third-party QR code reader.
  • iPhone recipients of the code can scan the code using their phone’s camera.
  • The admin can Revoke link at any time to make the previous invite link invalid and create a new link.

Here, the admin should share the link only with the trusted individuals.online_cricket_class 1

In addition, it is possible for someone to forward the link to other people and if so, then the other people also can join the group.


So, Pallisree Cricket Coaching Camp is ready to coach their trainees through whatsapp. Hi, triainees why wasting your valuable time in home confinement? Call now and enlist your name online. Make best use of this Lock Down period by doing some fruitful activities.

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