Techniques of playing various shots in Cricket


Till you shot in right way, it is not possible to play scoring shots in cricket understating the circumstances.  The coordination of hand and eye only makes a cricketer a good batsman. The other things that are equally important are strength, and speed, and the reflex action.  The sense of judgement also plays an important role in playing various shots. After learning the techniques, it is essential to improve the game and make it sharper and fruitful to give you more runs.

Batting basics

Will you play a defensive shot or offensive, is the basic thing that the batsman need to decide when facing a ball. It is not you, but your decision that will play for the next few minutes. It will lead you how fast or slow you need to play. It, of course, depends on other factors also, like rules of the match along with its length.

The shorter matches usually demand more attacking shots because the batsman has not enough time to score runs.  In the lengthy test matches the players can accept defensive play.

Keeping watch the movement of the ball and its approach is significant, to decide when and where to strike the ball.

Always be vigilant to a few facts that

the ball doesn’t hit the wicket

the ball doesn’t hit the legs before the wicket

the ball must not be too high to let the fielders to hold the catch

the ball must not edge the wicket-keeper.

Hit the ball with accurate strength and timing, and to pass up the fielders. It’s all extraordinary skill. Though practice turns an ordinary batsman into a great batsman. Never haste, be enduring and hang around for the shot that is easy to play for you.

Hitting front foot shot

  • Not each and every shot is worth playing for score. A forward defensive shot always scoring and also safe for the batsman. When a ball is played, a forward defensive shot is applied to be away from being called out. Having a hard defense is a critical part of being a good batsman. Move backward and forward to contact the ball as it passes below the eyes. Keep the bat in angular position so that the face of the bat is in the direction of the ground. Play straight drive shot, sweep shot, a back-foot defense shot, player cut shot, back foot drive, play hook or pull shot depending on the direction of the shot.

Only a pro or expert can train you all these cricket shots in a right way. The Cricket Coaching camp trains the newbie and also the advanced learners in their bid to train the students various shots.

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