The Best Cricket bat for the leather ball


Selecting the best cricket bat had been always a big trouble for the cricketer, assuming same for you also. The multiple options available in the market confuse the buyers  and might lead to the incorrect choice.

The Cricket Bats are generally made of  two types of woods: One is English Willow and the other is Kashmir Willow.

Basically, English Willow is used to play leather ball  by the cricketer, whereas the tennis ball player use bat made of  Kashmir willow. A part of the willow materials for making bats, there are a few other points which need to be measured prior to buying a bat. These are:

  • The size of the bat
  • The weight of the bat
  • The grade of willow
  • The grains in the bat
  • The thickness of edges
  • The shape of the handle
  • The size and budget too

While picking the best cricket bat, it is necessary to consider all these points in consideration and mentioned what bat is used for what level of player so that you can easily pick for you.

Visit the sports store along with meeting the experts who can suggest you to buy the few most excellent cricket bats for playing the leather ball so you do not have to be repentant after spending money on it.

While buying the best cricket bat you need to take account the design elements to use it comfortably. It is better to check the specification of the bats before deciding which bat is to be used for the average of the batsman.

However,  there are some cricket bats that are made as match ready. But it doesn’t mean that they are anti-scuff protected.

Most of the professional quality cricket bat offers a natural, uncovered and traditional finish. But be cautious that cricket bats are sometimes made of low quality willow wood. Be sure about all the specifications of the best cricket bat that you are going to buy.

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