The performance enhancing drugs for the cricketers

A lot of cricketers have been caught, and seldom even confessed to using drugs cannabis, cocaine, even opium. So far as a handful of players has been banned for using masking agents, generally steroids, diet pills or the like, of one kind or another as the performance enhancing drugs.

But,  almost no one has ever owns up doing it on purpose. Cricket, then, need to be clean as any other modern-day sport.

There is converse opinion indeed

It might be more exposed than it appears, if not you consider that cricketers are resistant to the temptations which other sports people give way to.

The ICC programs for anti-doping program

The ICC stepped up its anti-doping program. It  started blood testing for the first time. The move,  which was violently unpaid because the urine tests couldn’t  detect growth hormone of individual persons.

The blood testing allows it to locate a biological authorization  system, which scans for the effects of doping over time, if not detected the substance or method itself.  It’s a leap forward for the sport’s anti-doping program at the elite level.

Is there doping problem in cricket right now?

The answer is almost no, but the course of the sport is in the direction in which one may well expand it.

And of course,  it is right that performance enhancing drugs won’t essentially help a batsman to hit a cover drive, or assist a spinner to turn his googly, even as they never help an athlete to like shot putter to hone his throwing practice or a jogger improve his start.

With the growth of T20, testing of PED has become more important than ever before.  A lot of players are challenging for a small number of short term contract which are more lucrative. Consequences of injuries are also rigorous.

Human Growth Hormone can create a vast disparity to the quantity of time it takes for an athlete to get better out of  musculoskeletal injury.

The skills that the player needs in T20 cricket match are more similar to the set they use in baseball, a sport which has been stressed for decades to control its doping problem.

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