The Usefulness of Cricket playing


Cricket, a popular bat-ball sport, allows you to spend time outdoors while  engaged in a competitive and physical match. And, the usefulness of cricket playing is endless. The two teams, consisting of 11 players each, compete to score the maximum runs in an inning. Besides, fresh air and sociable competition, cricket takes in a lot of physical and social benefits.


Cricket, like most of the sports, helps to build up muscles and burn calories along with developing  your skills of coordination and staying power. As an active and self motivated game, cricket needs  pitching and hitting the ball with a long, flat bat, from wicket to wicket as well as in the field throwing and catching.  The players who are fast legged and strong, scores the maximum run players. The strength of the upper body lends you the efficiency of throwing and hitting the ball. The strength of  eye-hand synchronization and  flexibility, helps you to catch and keep the ball playing.


One of the usefulness of cricket playing is to make new friends and to enjoy the harmony with other players in your teammates. During the several hours of playing of cricket matches you must be with your team in an accommodating manner to develop and initiate game strategies in order to win the match. Celebrating wins and showing compassion over losses are more amusing when done against your friends.


One of the most obvious mental challenges associated with the cricket match is that of catching and hitting the ball perfectly.  We often relate this action with  hand-eye coordination. It suggests, you require to possess a strong hand-eye coordination. This means you are adept at controlling the intensity and direction of your movements.

Cricketers also need to have coordination of skills among the different body parts and limbs. Mastering over the coordination has its amazing results.

The regular  practice of these kinds of tasks, makes your brain more strong and efficient.


Sports need strategy above the physical skill. The art of  strategy will develop a strong skill set, particularly useful for activities associated with teamwork.

At any time you may need to take multiple elements into consideration in order to develop a strategy. For example, strengths/weaknesses of your team,  the various technical options, and the shifting dynamics of a constant match.

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