Ways to score extra runs in Cricket


The aim of the batsmen is to score runs. One of the main cricket rules for batsmen to score runs is that they must run from one end of the pitch to the other. This adds one run to the score. But the cricket rules allow more run options or they may score runs in cricket per shot. They can also score runs by hitting boundaries.
A boundary brings for the batsmen 4 or 6 runs. A four is scored when the ball is hit to the boundary, while a six is scored by hitting the ball past the boundary. Cricket rules also state that once a 4 or 6 has been scored any runs physically ran by the batsman are cancelled. They will only gain 4 or 6 runs.

According to the cricket rules, the other ways to score runs in cricket can be the different balls like, wide balls, no balls, byes & leg byes. All runs scored by these ways are granted to the batting team, not to the individual batman.
Here is the description how the different balls bring the added score.
• A “No Ball” can be declared for many reasons: If the bowler bowls the ball from the wrong place, the ball is stated dangerous, bounces more than twice or it rolls before getting to the batsman in case if the fielders are in the wrong places. The batsman can hit a no ball. He can score runs in cricket, but cannot be out of this ball except in case of run out. They are run out, hit the ball twice, handle the ball or obstruct the field. The batsman gains any runs scored off the no ball for his shot while the team also gains one run for the no ball itself.
• If the umpire thinks that the batsman doesn’t have scope to hit the ball, then it is declared as “Wide Ball.” However, if the ball passes over the head of the batsmen, then the ball is declared as wide ball. Umpires are much stricter on wide deliveries in the shorter format of the cricket. A wide ball score runs in cricket by adding single run to the batting team.
• A “Bye” is where a ball that isn’t a no ball or wide passes the striking batsman and runs are scored without the batsman hitting the ball.

• A “Leg Bye” is where runs are scored by hitting the batsman, but not the bat and the ball is not a no ball or wide. However, no score runs in cricket if the striking batsman doesn’t attempt to play a shot or avoid the ball.

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