What should you look when buying your cricket spike shoes


Most of the cricket players, especially the beginners, hardly do any research when they buy shoes. Rather, they are crazy for finding a bat, gloves, cricket kit, helmet etc.

The cricketers pass a lot of time on the playground wearing shoes. Getting a right pair of shoe ensures your maximum comfort in the field. Shoe not only gives protection to your ankle and knee but also offers a good grip on the ground even in running condition and saves them from skidding.

correctly So, the  chosen cricket spike shoes is as important as a bat and other cricket gears. The professional players keep two separate shoes, one is for batting and the other for fielding.

What if the wrong shoes are chosen?

It may bring an unpleasant impact on the performance in the field.  So, doing some researches is always desirable.

Let’s know the things that one should examine to buy the cricket spikes shoes.

Quality, comfort, ventilation, purpose, and cost are a few parameters which you should inspect before buying it.

Here are a few questions that you should know before buying the cricket spike shoes.

  1. If the shoes are for hard surface or grassy ground;
  2. If the shoes are for net practice;
  3. If you are a bowler (spinner/fast bowler) or batter, or all-rounder;
  4. If you are a beginner or intermediate or professional;
  5. If the shoes are for wicket keeping ;

How should be your out-sole?  

The bottom part of the shoe that contacts with the ground directly is called out-sole. It’s built with a highly durable material called Polyurethane. Apart from this material, cricket shoes come with a plate which fits the spikes.

The spikes shoes can be metal or rubber made. When played in hard surface the rubber stud spikes are used. While on the soft ground metal spikes are used so that the players can have a better grip while running.

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