Why cricketers need helmets


The batsman wears protective helmets usually with a piece of armor plate  to defend themselves. Helmets are generally used when facing the fast bowlers. If the fielders are fielding close to the batsman, they need to use helmets and leg guards worn under  clothing.

It is supposed that the Australian cricket team, to be a first to wear a white hat comes as the Federal Government wages a war on the binge drinking. Players would normally wear their loose-fitting green caps for this kind of match, unless they have not played a Test. Those players would usually wear a white hat.

The cap is categorized according to the number of players correspond to that every side.  For instance, the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar represented India as 187th at Test level, and he was awarded cap number 187. Sometimes it also  refers  to the number of times any player has played a match.

At the international level,  a cap is a figurative term for the appearance of player at international level. The cap originates from the practice in the UK of awarding a cap to every player in a worldwide match of the  football association.

Description of cricket Cap

A cricket cap is a soft cap and very often made out of textile material.  It is a customary type of head wear for the players of the game of cricket irrespective of gender or age.

It is generally a tightly fitting skull cap, made of six or eight sections, with a small semi-circular shaped rim that points down over the forehead for giving shape to the eyes. It is often, but not always, stretchable at the rear to hold it upon the head of the wearer.  Sometimes, instead  tight fitting, the cricket cap comes in a variety of loose-fitting, that is always kept in the right place by elastic.

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