Why IPL so much attention

Since the tournament emerges,  the  richest league of cricket has changed into the sport, both on the field and off the field. The Indian Premier League  or IPL  simply is the most profitable, glamorous  cricket tournament  across the world.

A  Twenty 20 tournament continues for 6 weeks, features 8 franchises from all over India. Each of the franchises  gets international and domestic stars.

It is by auction or bargain that the wages of the players are fixed up. So the high-estimated players earn huge money against working few weeks.  It brings in all the best players in world cricket.

Why Indian Premier League  is so important

IPL is the shortest form of the game, but financially world’s best for the competitors. The tournament is so lucrative that the best of the world want to participate in the spectacular cricket tournament.  Except in the World Cup tournament, IPL is the one where all the players of the nation come together  in the same place.

Not only for the financial rewards, but the aggregation of talents has led IPL gained an immense popularity. In reality, Indian Premier League  bucks and charisma has changed the aspect of Cricket.

Now, let’s know, how IPL works?

It’s very simple. 8 franchises, in a league or confederation, attend to play off in 20 overs per side. Every team plays twice.

Concluding the top of the table is no guarantee of achievement though. Sometimes,  the top table lost both their playoff games.

With the franchises from Bollywood stars as owners and the world’s biggest cricketers, the IPL is getting strength to strength,  since its debut  in the year 2008.

If we think back in 10 years’ time, IPL is the  enormous milestone in cricket. It is like a bit when the World Series started.

Sports persons who enjoy extremely short careers, get financial security in the post retirement period by participating in the IPL tournament.

Stand proud, walk proud and make us loud in praise of you.

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