Why it is necessary to improve strength for cricket


The necessity of physical fitness for the modern cricketers is increasing radically. So, it is necessary to know how to build strength and vigor for cricket. Here are some of the reasons why a cricketer needs to improve strength for cricket in a right way.

As shows historically, the cricket was regarded as a “gentleman’s game”. In the past the cricketers were not regarded as the fittest sportsman. Even it was treated as a physically easy game that requires only to stand on the field, a  little running, jumping etc.

However, the game has taken major changes with the introduction of limited over cricket tournament.   The batsman now, no longer has to be on the defensive, he needs to develop the strength for cricket to hit big sixes. The players are required to have strong arms and shoulder with a view to make a direct strike at the stumps.

A look at the photos of modern-day players, the differences in the bodies of the two can be apprehended. In comparison, the modern players are stronger, leaner and finally, more athletic.

As talked about earlier, cricket was not at all considered a game that requires physical strength. So proper workout for enhancing the physical strength was frequently ignored. But the stature of the modern-day cricketers clearly suggests how they focus on to improve strength for cricket performance in the match.improve-strength_for_cricket_a

Here are a few confirmed benefits of improving muscular strength for a cricketer.

  • It prevents the possibility of being injured
  • The muscle strength increases the running, bowling speed
  • The proper muscle development minimizes the upshots of fatigue
  • It improves the techniques of bowling and batting techniques.

In such a challenging period, if a player with feeble bodies will not only be unable to survive for extended hours in the international arena, but will drop dead soon. Thus, the players across the world put a great deal to improve strength for cricket for the players.

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