Women crickter are equally competent as men

It is the story of the years that women cricketer had been neglected. They were  disregarded, while their male equals were glorified. But, a lot has been changed with the women’s cricket team when they took center stage in the last World Cup. But, the hope of winning a World Cup shattered when the team underwent a collapse in the batting of a middle and lower order collapsed to lose against England in a suspensive  final.

However disappointing it might sound, the World Cup 2017 cricket will be recorded in the books so far the girls participate in it. They might have been outstepped in the final game, but they were flooded with accolades for standing firm till the end.

The Womens’ cricket participation in the world cup and their standing  firm till the end has sent out a few lessons for us. We learnt from the Indian women’s cricket team.

  1. Free from Panic

India entered into the final with Harmanpreet Kaur and Punam Raut at the crease. Soon after Punam was sent away, it all crumbled for the Indians.  When For 28 runs 7 wickets fell and the Indian dream finished suddenly.

  1. Wish to win is greater than winning

Our girls might fail to bring home the World Cup, but they could surely conquer plenty of hearts. In spite of being defeated by England, the Indian hearts  still heighten with pride and delight for those young women who could able to turn the women’s wheel of fortune. It eased their participation in cricket.

  1. A Cool headed approach is important

The hosting country came out victorious through the weakness of Indian women.  During the decisive moment the Englishwomen did well at the cost of Indian women and turned the game. But chasing the game with a cool temperament could have brought victory to them. The temperament only sets apart the winners and losers.

  1. Never let a slip on the road be end the journey

The Indian women should not be so heartbroken, instead India should continue to rise in the women’s game well. Most of the Indian women were young and will be a better fit for the other mammoth events in future. The skill and experience at Lord’s would help them in good stead.

  1. Wider power to women

The World Cup has altered our awareness of watching  women’s cricket. The International Cricket Council declared that more than half a million people watched the group stage matches which support that an eighty percent has increased from the last World Cup in 2013.


Bottom line:

It was not just about India’s fairy tale drive, which could have been just right, but for the loss of courage in the final. It was also about the drawing near in which the social and conventional media got caught up. Hopefully, now no one ever will claim that  male cricketer is superior than the female cricketer.

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