Women’s Cricket Coaching Camps in Kolkata

There are lots of cricket coaching camps, big and small in Kolkata, among them  6–7 are remarkable. These academies are not just registered but are also efficient and capable of transforming ordinary players into some amazing players. But, other side of the story is nearly depressing. There is an acute shortage of good women’s cricket coaching camps in Kolkata. There only a few cricket academies in Kolkata which provides the facility for coaching of girls. When girls are taking interest in cricket and also growing in their skills and performances,  it seems that the talents remain undiscovered only because of the fact that there is no cricket academy or coaching camp for the women.

There are, however, coaches who teach women the specific classes. These coaches put in order women specific coaching camps, like the Cricket Association Of Bengal (C.A.B). It has taken the initiative to start and popularize women’s cricket in Kolkata.

A number of women are interested in joining and playing this overwhelming game of cricket. But, they don’t know how to start and where to go and whom to meet.   Here is a list of just a few clubs and locations in Kolkata where you can find out more information on playing women’s cricket in your area.


Kolkata Cricket and Football Coaching Club

19/1, Garcha Road, 1st lane Kolkata


Calcutta Press Club, Kolkata

Maidan Tent. Kolkata- 69


Cricket Association of Bengal, Kolkata

Eden Garden, Kolkata-1


Cricket Club of Bhowanipore, Kolkata

1, Nepal Bhattchrjee Street, Kolkata -26


East Bengal Club, Kolkata

Maidan Tent Kolkata-16


ICI, Cricket Training Club, Kolkata

Maidan Tent, Kolkata


Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, Kolkata

C.F.C Ground, Maidan Tent, Kolkata-1


Rajasthan Cricket Coaching Club, Kolkata

Mayo Road, Maidan Tent, Kolkata-16


Town Club, Kolkata

Maidan Tent, Kolkata-16


Wari Athletic Club, Kolkata

Maidan Tent, Mayo Road, Kolkata-69


West Bengal Women’s Cricket Association, Kolkata

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata-1



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